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* RepeaterLink, the Searchable Database for Linked Repeaters *


  • What is RepeaterLink?

    RepeaterLink is a user populated searchable database of Linked Amatuer Radio Repeaters. The idea behind the site is that if you find yourself in one city and want to be able to talk to someone in another city, by using this site, you can discover all the repeaters systems that would support that communications.

  • My callsign isn't in your database or has old information?

    The callsign database that I maintain is from the FCC (USA database), so only US callsigns are listed here. Also I only update this database once a week on Sunday. In the future, I may look at using other databases from other countrys if I get enough of a demand for it. Same goes for updating the FCC database more offen.

  • I would like a new feature added to the site.

    I am more than happy to review any idea you may have for the site. Many of the features on the site today were brought to me by users like yourself. So, please feel free to send any all ideas you may have. Thank you!

  • Is this the old

    Yes and No. Yes I am the same person who developed and hosted it for many years. But a few years back, life happened, and I had to shut the site down. After 3 moves, one being over 2 states away, I lost some data. So I had to start over. Granted this is basiclly the same code base with some bugs fixes and a completely new face lift, the data of all the repeaters and systems was completely lost. This time around though I have better backups in place and additional version control which should prevent any loss of data in the future. So feel free to create yourself a new account and upload your repeater system back into the site.